Resource Guide: Youth Cooking and Nutrition Programs in Central & South Seattle


[Original Post] Do you know what organizations in Seattle are cooking with youth and/or offering garden-based nutrition programming? All too often, organizations are so busy in the trenches, working incredibly hard in their own silos, that they don’t have the opportunity to look up and survey the landscape. The development of this excellent resource guide takes a meaningful step towards celebrating the diversity and strength of agencies and organizations in our region doing this vital work. We were excited to learn more about organizations like Taste International and the work of Tarik Abdullah! Click thru the map above for a interactive list.

Resource Guide: Youth Cooking and Garden Based Nutrition Education Programs Serving Regions of Central and South Seattle

Whether you’re a parent, a youth worker, or a community member – we’d love to hear how you put this guide to work!

The youth-led community dinners through FEEST go beyond cooking and eating by creating a space for youth to analyze and activate around food justice (source).


Chef Tarik guides budding young chefs of color through the growing and cooking process at The Hillman City Collaboratory (Source).

We want to thank FEEST for their partnership and contributions to the resource guide, in addition to all the amazing agencies dedicating to centralizing food and health in youth culture and identity!

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