Seattle’s POC Guide to Good Eats

The wonderful folks at Equity Matters put together a much needed open source map of POC-owned restaurants within Seattle city limits. With this resource, it’s now much easier to move money toward a POC economy, one bite at a time.

And for those who need a little bit of guidance navigating this wonderfully jam packed map (options for days!) scroll down for our updated recommendations. Similar to our original map the recommendations are completely subjective–based on places we’ve personally dined at and love.

Happy eating ya’ll!

The Foodways Project’s Guide to Good Eats:


  • La Isla
  • Hood Famous Bakeshop

Beacon Hill

  • The Station
  • Delite Bakery
  • El Quetzal

Capitol Hill

  • Tacos Chukis
  • Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches
  • Little Uncle
  • Plum Bistro
  • Marjorie Restaurant
  • Cafe Pettirosso
  • Ikina Sushi

Central District

  • Nate’s Wings and Waffles
  • Taste of the Caribbean
  • Chuck’s Hop Shop
  • Jemil’s Big Easy
  • Jackson’s Catfish Corner
  • Adey Abeba
  • Cafe Selam
  • Cheeky Cafe
  •  Moonlight Cafe
  • Cortona Cafe
  • Lake Chad Cafe
  • Golden Wheat Bakery
  • Naam Thai

Chinatown/International District

  • Hard Wok Cafe
  • Saigon Deli
  • Hue Ky Mi Gia
  • Phnom Penh Noodle House
  • Pho Bac
  • Hong Kong Bistro
  • Eastern Cafe
  • Kaname Izakaya
  • King Noodle House
  • Tsukushinbo
  • BAMBU Dessert and Drinks

Columbia City

  • Island Soul
  • Geraldine’s Counter
  • Super Six


  • Farvahar Persian Cafe


  • Revel


  • Kauai Family Restaurant

Hillman City

  • Black and Tan Hall

Madison Valley & Madison Park

  • Simply Soulful
  • Araya’s Place
  • Beach House Restaurant

Mount Baker

  • Heyday

Rainier Valley

  • Rainier Restaurant & BBQ
  • Q Bakery


  • Salare

South Park

  • Salvadorean Bakery & Restaurant
  • Jalisco Restaurant

University District

  • Guanaco’s Tacos Pupuseria
  • Korean Tofu House
  • Tempero do Brasil
  • Chili’s South Indian Cuisine


  • Ramen Man
  • Tilth Restaurant
  • 45th Stop N Shop Poke Bar
  • Hiroki

West Seattle

  • Ma’Ono

White Center

  • Bok A Bok Fried Chicken
  • Dubsea Coffee
  • Roasted Corn Stand

2 thoughts on “Seattle’s POC Guide to Good Eats

    • The Foodways Project says:

      Hi Martha!
      Since this is an open-source map anyone can add a location. Simply open the map in Google Maps and drop a pin/search for “Fonda La Catrina” and add it to the map. Regarding my list of recommendations–I acknowledge that it is limited as these are just a list of places at which I’ve personally eaten. I’ll definitely make a note to try of Fonda la Catrina and would happily add it to my list of recos once I’ve eaten there!


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