The Foodways Project is a grassroots effort to build community around food through shared learning, storytelling, and organizing that celebrates racial identity and undoes systemic injustices.

For this work to be effective we must have a shared language to engage in dialogue about power and oppression. To get on the same page, review our Common Language. This is a courageous space for collective learning, struggle, and growth.

Project Pillars:

Food is Power: Around the world food brings people together. Relationships are built around the dinner table, traditions are made, stories are shared, identities are formed…through food. Food nourishes and heals. It builds bridges between cultures and allows communication beyond language. And it’s delicious.

Decolonize to Organize: We cannot deconstruct the structures that oppress using the tools and systems that enforce oppression. “We must engage in a process of visionary thinking that transcends the ways of knowing privileged by the oppressive powerful if we are to truly make revolutionary change”–bell hooks. We are actively exploring how to create de-colonized spaces through the language, structure, and values of this movement.

Oops, Ouch, Snaps: Growing pains are inevitable. We embrace the opportunity to learn and be taught by our community and ask to be held to high standards of accountability. Have patience with us and others as we explore together.

Power to the People: This is a space that centers the experiences of people of color and other marginalized identities in an effort to build power and amplify the voices that are silenced by systemic oppression. Furthermore, we strive for intersectionality, celebrating the contributions and resilience of those who are othered by multiple systems of oppression.

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Common Language

Imagine trying to work on a project with a group of people who speak five different languages. Everyone may have the same ideas and goals, but you’d never know because there’s not a common language to unify the team.

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