Dear Block Party at The Station…

Yesterday you held down your third (?) annual hip hop and arts festival in the heart of Beacon Hill. It was a usual summer day in Seattle, warm, cloudy, with a few sprinkles, which had absolutely no effect on the shine and sparkle that emanated from 16th Ave between S. Lander and S. Bayview.

Everything about you was magical. From the stretch of booths featuring black and brown businesses, orgs, and makers, to your intersectional, intergenerational lineup of rad(ient/ical) performers, you are the embodiment of community power. Walking through a sea of black and brown folks and running into several dozen social justice heartthrobs was the sweetest and safest I’ve felt in far too long.

Block Party at the Station, you truly are one of a kind, which is both heartwarming and unsettling. In our rapidly gentrifying city, I’ve grown to expect so little from public gatherings that try to function at your level. But being with you yesterday reminded me how possible it is to hold space that is for us, by us, and with us. That this city still holds so much fierceness and hope and joy for the communities most affected by our racist, capitalist, hetero-patriarchal systems.

So, thank you. Thank you for being you, unapologetically. Thank you for being a space to celebrate the best parts of us. For celebrating the black, queer, low-income, artists and healers who are the true emeralds of the Emerald City. We love and need you so deeply.


The Foodways Project


The Block Party at the Station is an annual event hosted by The Station–a POC owned and operated coffee shop (and one of the best in the city). This is a free community gathering that is organized through volunteer-power. DONATE to The Block Party at the Station and pay The Station a visit at their new location: 1600 Roberto Maestas Festival St., Seattle, WA 98144.

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