Virtual Training: Class Privilege & Activism


THIS THURSDAY: join Resource Generation (RG), Solidaire, and Women Donors Network for a free virtual training on how people with class privilege can contribute to social movements.

My work with Seattle’s Resource Generation chapter has been one of the most transformative experiences over the past two years. It’s allowed me to deepen my analysis of intersectionality, develop tangible actions towards wealth redistribution, and build a family amongst young change makers.

My leadership and work in food justice is intrinsically tied to my class privilege. I was able to earn a master degree in public health nutrition, can hold a low paying job in the non-profit sector, and eat at restaurants around the city because I hold class privilege. Too often, I see class left out of the conversation in social justice spaces and an inability of folks [particularly the class privileged] to talk about money or how class shapes their experiences [often due to shame around money or internalized classism]. RG has taught me how to own and leverage this privilege for social change.

If you or someone you know shares a similar experience and/or identifies as having access to wealth or class privilege I HIGHLY recommend this training! Registration is free. And if you’re interested in learning more about RG Seattle contact me at!

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