REST IN POWER: The Revolutionary Life of Grace Lee Boggs

Today we lost a leader, a truly revolutionary thinker who dedicated her life to radical activism that will forever impact our identities and actions as change agents. As a first-generation Chinese American who very vocally stood on the front lines of the civil rights, Black Power, feminist, and other such movements throughout 20th & 21st century history, Grace was a intrepid embodiment of the model minority mutiny. For those unfamiliar with Lee Boggs, worry not. Our text books have conveniently overlooked the 7+ decades of work she’s contributed to US history, thereby marginalizing her story and making it all the more difficult to learn about. In fact, it was only just this year that we, at The Foodways Project, gained deeper insight into the immense impact of Lee Boggs.

Luckily her story lives on in many different forms. Her books, including The Next American Revolution which she published at age 95, are treasure troves of wisdom and critical thinking that brought us to another dimension of anti-oppression activism. Her words have inspired us to redefine normal and strive for alternative models of community and work that reflect the world we wish to live in. In 2014, at the age of 99, Grace’s story was captured on film through a first-person narrative documentary. And beyond formal media formats, we all hold an important responsibility to not only share Grace Lee Bogg’s wisdom, but also live and embody the revolutionary change she moved her communities toward.

Despite her passing, Grace’s work is far from over. While we are deeply saddened to have lost such a powerful activist, we will continue to celebrate the life and work of Grace Lee Boggs through continuation of her story and embodiment of her radical theory.


Rest in power, Grace Lee Boggs: 1915-2015.

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