Native Youth Reclaim Their Roots Through Seeds

This is pure beauty. Such a moving display of youth power, food sovereignty, and cultural reclamation. It truly inspires us to see these intentional spaces for intergenerational bonding to indigenous land, foodways, and identity. Our big question that sits at the forefront of our consciousness–How do spread this model and wisdom to all communities of color? How can we connect APIs, Blacks, Latinos to their history and identity with Mother Earth and the nourishment she’s provided our peoples for generations? And in fact, how can we find the interconnectedness between our varying racial/ethnic identities through food?

This video highlights a program of The Cultural Conservancy which has a mission is to protect and restore indigenous cultures, empowering them in the direct application of their traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral lands. Learn more about their programs to preserve native foodways here.

One thought on “Native Youth Reclaim Their Roots Through Seeds

  1. Arlene says:

    I’m proud of the way the Chinese stay connected to their cultural foods and the earth with the urban gardens that they till in their neighborhoods, side by side with their peers. Witness too the gardens they build in their front and back yards, unconcerned how they may affect the look of their row of houses on their street. It is the produce of their culture and recipes that matter more than the beauty of front lawns.

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