Our 30+ Favorite Seattle Eateries Owned/Operated by People of Color


We had an amazing community response to our map and hope to update this list once we try some of the fantastic suggestions you all have made! Many folks wanted to highlight Marjorie and Plum Bistro as two black-owned knock-out restaurants! Since we haven’t had the opportunity to try these place they flew under the radar. We’re so grateful for the community input to make this list robust and representative! Keep your suggestions coming by commenting below!

What’s good, Eater HeatMap? I had long relied on Eater’s elite list of “the buzziest restaurants” around our beloved Emerald City, when I realized there was a need for a new kind of map. One with intention that will still lead your tastebuds to nom nom bliss!

The privilege to be able to spend money on restaurants is one that I cherish deeply. I am so grateful to be able to explore the depths of Seattle’s food scene. As such, I am very picky about where and how I spend my food dollars. My philosophy: if I have the power to invest in the restaurant industry why not support my black, brown, and yellow brothers & sisters (or aunties & uncles)?

Coming from a family that ran a mom-and-pop butcher shop and corner store (that, over 40 years later, is still standing tall with my grandfather’s namesake), supporting POC-run family businesses is deeply personal. My grandfather’s shop wouldn’t have survived without the support of his community, which resonates through generations and has led me to the place of privilege I hold today. Something as seemingly small as redirecting money to POC economies has a cumulatively large effect.

So, without further ado…

The Foodways Project’s 30 Favorite POC-Owned Eateries:

The List [In no particular order]:

This is by no means a definitive list (our tummies and wallets can only cover so much ground) We need to know what we missed! Let us know in the comments below what POC-owned cafes, restaurants, and food trucks you love!

Happy eating!

42 thoughts on “Our 30+ Favorite Seattle Eateries Owned/Operated by People of Color

  1. shokolate says:

    So many good places by POC for sure!! These are some of my favorite in addition to what you have listed 🙂
    *Fresh Flours (Ballard, Beacon Hill and Phinney Ridge) – Japanese owned/run cafe with great fresh pastries both with and without Japanese twist, and not to forget that you can enjoy Japanese traditional artisanal confectionaries by Tokara!
    *Hiroki – Japanese style cakes & pastries
    *Mashiko – Japanese, sustainable sushi
    *4649 – Japanese, ramen, kushikatsu
    *miyabi, miyabi 45th – Japanese, sushi, soba, ramen
    *cutting board – Japanese, sushi
    *Marination Ma Kai – Hawai’ian/Korean fusion
    *Green Leaf – Thai
    *Ba Bar – Vietnamese
    *Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant
    *Harbor City Restaurant
    *Cafe Salem – Ethiopian
    *Jebena Cafe – Ethiopian
    *Zuma Grocery – Ethiopian
    *Kaffa Coffee & Wine Bar – Ethiopian
    *Senor Moose Cafe – Mexican
    *El Quetzal – Mexican
    *El Asadero – Mexican / Taco truck
    *El Kiosk (Renton) – Mexican
    *Chuck’s Hop Shop (obviously not food place so much, though rotating food trucks come)


  2. Carlos Dennis says:

    You missed this cafe called Herbivores vegetarian cuisine and such…the menu is a fresh take on southern cuisine. A full vegetarian menu as well as real Texas style Barbeque.
    Located at
    7148 Martin Luther king Jr way so Seattle WA 98118

    Check out the yelp reviews…This business is black owned


  3. davegon says:

    Thanks for putting up this map!

    My suggestion is Chef at Wok up in North Greenwood! I love this place! They don’t care about decor (and neither should you) and still have red garland up on one wall from the holidays! The homemade chow mein noodles are the absolute best! I order food from there about once or twice a month.


  4. Carol Poole says:

    You need to add Simply Soulful on Madison and 29th! Also, Jae’s and Araya in Madison Valley. Thanks for compiling this list. 🙂


  5. Donna M. says:

    In West Seattle, Pearl’s Café (coffee/tea, bubble tea, banh mi, crepes), and West Seattle Fish House for fish and chips, chowder. Mmmmm.


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