#GiveBig with Intention: A Guide to Supporting POC Agencies in Seattle


Today, Tuesday, may 5 is Seattle foundation’s Give Big Day!

What’s Give Big Day, you ask? 

 “The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG is a one-day, online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations who make our region a healthier and more vital place to live. The people behind these organizations, those who work tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone in Greater Seattle, are champions. GiveBIG is a day to support their championship-worthy work.” (source)

What does that mean?

First, if there’s ever a day to donate money to a local cause you love, today is the day! There are 1,600 non-profit agencies of all shapes, colors, and sizes to which  you can provide monetary support. THE BEST PART: donations made on Give Big Day are matched via a stretch pool i.e. a prorated amount based on The Seattle Foundation’s ability to comprehensively raise funds today. Just think of it this way, you’re dollar is stretched a little bit further when you donate on Give Big Day, the exact elasticity is to be determined…

Cool, I’ll do it tomorrow…

NO! Give Big Day is a 24 hour event that runs from midnight to midnight, TODAY ONLY! Get off instagram and facebook (unless you’re telling everyone else to #GiveBig) and give big!

1,600 Non-profits?!? Where do I start?

So you’re ready to give–wallet is out, website is up, search bar is primed…and you’re completely overwhelmed. We get it, we totally get it. That’s why we’ve done the leg work for you and compiled a list, albeit cursory and in no way comprehensive, of some of the non-profit crushes we’ve developed over the years.

There’s a lot of ways to approach this massive day of giving, but keeping in mind our intentions to actively undo racism our list focuses on investing in agencies that are run by people of color, for people of color. Especially taking into consideration the #BlackLivesMatters movement, supporting black-run agencies is a great way to take action for those with the economic privilege to do so.

The agencies on our list are also one’s we’ve personally encountered and give our thumbs up to based on experience working,  volunteering, or collaborating with in some capacity. Many, but not all are tied to food–whether its through cooking, gardening, environmental conservation, or nutrition and health. We peppered in a few non-food folks because they’re just so darn dreamy.

So scroll through our list, follow the links to learn more, and of course, GIVE BIG!

10 Food-Focused POC-Led & -Served Agencies to Give Big to on May 5!

1.) TINY TOTS DEVELOPMENT CENTERLocated in the Rainier Valley neighborhood of southeast Seattle, TTDC is a black-operated early learning center that serves families of color and truly embodies the power families and communities of color have toward making change. Tiny Tot’s moves beyond childcare and provides a safe and healthy environment for children and families to explore art, science, nutrition, and gardening. As the Manager for the four organic gardens growing throughout their sites we’ve witnessed, first hand, the powerful and impactful role TTDC has on serving their community.

2. FEEST: An acronym for Food-Empowerment-Environmental Stewardship-Training, FEEST is a weekly youth-run dinner program that engages young people at Evergreen, Chief Sealth, and Nova High Schools on issues of civic and social justice, food security, and cultural expression, and community development. The empowering model FEEST uses that is built in the kitchen and around the dinner table is an amazing tool for change.

3. INTERIM COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION: InterIm CDA was one of the original social justice and community activating agencies in Seattle’s International District. Focused on serving the Asian and Pacific Islander population in the surrounding area, InterIm provides housing services for homeless prevention and asset building services, in addition to managing a beautiful intergenerational community garden. The Danny Woo Community Gardens holds a dear place in our heart as the entry point into Seattle’s food justice world.

4. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES: Located just down the street from InterIm CDA, ICHS increases access to comprehensive health services for low-income and immigrant populations and is largely run by and serving the API community. Their services include everything from primary care to dental, Chinese medicine, behavioral health, and advocacy.

5. GOT GREEN: GOT GREEN is a people of color-led grassroots environmental justice group located in racially diverse Southeast Seattle. We engage, recruit and build leadership among low income workers, people of color, and young adults in SE Seattle and beyond into South King County. Their goal is to turn the promise of the new, green economy into tangible benefits for our communities while cultivating new leaders for the environmental and social justice movements.

6. CASA LATINA: Founded in 1994, Casa Latina helps low-wage Latino immigrants, primarily day laborers and domestic workers, find temporary employment, learn practical skills to become more employable, and develop as leaders. By participating in Casa Latina’s array of programs—including the Day Worker Center, English language classes, and workplace safety and job skills trainings—Latino immigrants gain the tools they need to support themselves, their families, and each other.

7. EL CENTRO DE LA RAZA: El Centro de la Raza is a voice and a hub for Seattle and Martin Luther King, Jr. County’s Latino community as we advocate on behalf of our people and work to achieve social justice. Through comprehensive programs and services, members of the Latino community are empowered to fully participate as members of society. They also work to raise awareness with the general public, and government, business and civic leaders about the needs of the Chicano/Latino community in the United States…in addition to teach amazing tamale making classes led by community members to benefit free legal services for clients.

8. AFRICAN AMERICANS REACH AND TEACH HEALTH: AARTH Ministry is committed to eliminating the burden of health disparities among African Americans by providing culturally relevant health education, skill training and technical assistance for infrastructural development. They work in partnership with faith and health institutions to improve the health outcomes of African American and African-born individuals.

9. ASIAN COUNSELING AND REFERRAL SERVICES: Since 1973, ACRS has been a recognized hub for the Asian Pacific American (APA) community, offering a comprehensive range of services for APAs of all ages. For culturally and linguistically isolated immigrant and refugee APAs, ACRS represents a single entry way to needed services and for opportunities to support each other towards achieving self sufficiency. Their extensive list of services includes (but is not limited to) chemical dependency treatment, comprehensive mental health services, a legal clinic, food bank, and senior meals program, gambling treatment, and domestic violence batterers treatment. ACRS was one of the first agencies we volunteer at in Seattle!

10. FAMILIES OF COLOR SEATTLE: FOCS seeks to build a strong community by supporting families of color through parenting programs, resource sharing and fostering meaningful connections.  Toward this end, FOCS serves self-identified families of color with children aged newborn to 9+ years old.  These families include immigrant, low-income and/or one-income families. Their newly opened Cornerstone Cafe is a community space for FOC to access parent groups that offer an alternative to  mainstream parent groups, which typically do not address matters of race and ethnicity. In addition, free playspace and cultural arts classes are offered.


While I have you here, why not mention two other amazing agencies who aren’t participating in GiveBig, but still deserve your big givings!

*CLEAN GREENS FARM AND MARKET: Clean Greens is a small nonprofit organization, owned and operated by longstanding African American residents of Seattle’s Central District. Clean Greens was established to supply fresh, sustainably grown produce at affordable prices low-income families in Seattle’s Central District and are committed to delivering quality produce to those families who otherwise would not have access to it. Clean Greens manages a farm in Duvall, WA and sell their fresh, organic produce through a farm stand in the Central District of Seattle and through an affordable CSA. They also welcome farm volunteers and have a work exchange program!

*GLOBAL TO LOCAL: G2L is piloting approaches to improve individual and community health outcomes, lower health care costs and empower economic development in two of the most diverse and underserved communities in King County –SeaTac and Tukwila, Wash. The long-term goal is to design a sustainable model of care for communities around the country that face similar health and economic disparities. G2L offers a variety of amazing and effective programs including community health promotions, mobile health monitoring programs for diabetes, smoking cessation, and weight loss, and a resource/help desk. G2L intentionally builds a staff and volunteer pool that reflects the communities they serve.

Happy giving!

Don’t see your agency? Want to add one to our list? Comment below to let us know!

8 thoughts on “#GiveBig with Intention: A Guide to Supporting POC Agencies in Seattle

    • The Foodways Project says:

      So grateful you shared, Marissa! There’s so many amazing organizations that we missed, like Urban Impact Seattle! We appreciate the collaborative effort to feature ask many amazing agencies as possible!


  1. ming113 says:

    A few more for you!
    Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (sister org to InterIm CDA and offers culturally relevant senior services)
    WAPI Community Services (substance abuse treatment and prevention for youth in South King County)
    Longhouse Media (digital arts for Native youth)


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